Just moved to Amager? Useful websites

Just moved to Amager? welcome to the club…

You are either living in 2300 København S, 2770 Kastrup or 2791 Dragør. Below here are the key websites for the area that will give you an overview and a starting point.

If you cannot read in Danish yet, hope is not lost: on your laptop/PC: right-click and choose ‘translate to English’. The app google translate is very good if you are on your tablets or mobile phones (it can also translate text from pictures!!).

Amager vintage poster

Your ‘kommune’ one-stop-shop websites
Communal websites here in Denmark are very thorough so if you are looking for something, check the sites below and I bet you’ll find what you are looking for, be it around how to get your cpr number, which club you want to join, recycling or just what’s on at the local cinema.

All these very comprehensive sites offer a calendar to help you find an event that matches your interests. For Dragoer and Taarnby, it is usually called (Det sker i Taarnby/ Dragoer) and linked to the site and app. For Copenhagen, slightly different setup use the section BRUG BYEN and click on Se alle under Det sker i København.

Taarnby (Tårnby) kommune
Calendar can be found on the homepage on the bottom left Taarnby calendar

Dragoer (Dragør) kommune
Calendar a bit more tricky to find. Calendar Dragør

Koebenhavn (København) kommune
(english site
Calendar is trickier to find but you can click here to find it too. Calendar København


Visitor websites

Taarnby (Tårnby)
Find the brochure here in Danish here

Dragoer (Dragør)
Check the website Visit Dragoer

Koebenhavn (København)
South Copenhagen has no dedicated site but VisitCopenhagen has pages dedicated to some of Copenhagen’ southern parts
– East Amager according to Visitcopenhagen
East amager according to visitcopenhagen
– Ørestad on Vestamager according to Visitcopenhagen
Orestad according to Visit Copenhagen
– Copenhagen

Watch out for my next article on places in Amager to get your social life going….

You can order the Amager poster here