Throwing myself into the world of blogging and social media… Let me introduce you to Amager Village.

Amager (read ‘Amar’)
Amager is an island that makes up the southern part of Copenhagen. It was previously known as the ‘shit’ island (Lorteøen) as until the Seventies it was used as a place to dump litter. Amager has the reputation of a place where people have tattoos, get high, get into fights, get shot or arrested. [It seems that I get unconsciously attracted to these places, I have lived in Dalston in London,UK, for 15 years. Before being the ultra-trendy place it has become, taxis would not drop you there!!!.]

I have now been in Amager  for more than a year and I don’t think that its reputation does it justice. I have fallen in love with Amager and its people and hopefully this blog will help change this perception. [Amager according to Wikipedia]

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Do you remember how our grand-parents lived? They all knew each other, they helped each other to work in each other’s’ land, they made lovely home-made meals and desserts, grew their vegetables and fruits, mended things instead of dumping and buying new: they basically took time to watch life go by. I am not anti-modern times at all [I like my technology, my Sonos, my wireless headphones and Netflix of course], I just think we could try to take the best from these times and add a bit of it in our busy lives.

With this blog, I want to make myself accountable to make these little changes in my life that I have been talking about for a while but I have not managed yet. I want to be the citizen of the world I aim to be for me and my kids and would love to take the ones up for it on my journey.

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What will Amager village be about?
Destiny brought me to Amager. Moving to a new place after having been in the same place for 18 years is always a challenge, change is good but change is hard. I have had loads of time to think about me, about what I really want to do and I realise that I love connecting people, I love being part of a community, so I am taking the plunge and will try to build my own community online and IRL (‘in real life’… lol).

I want to be there for the ones who might not have the same lovely neighbours I am lucky to have, the same Danish friends I have already been lucky to make (a record according to expat belief!), the awesome people I have been lucky to meet since I am here and the unconditional support I am lucky to get at home.

With this blog and its linked social media platforms, I’ll aim to do the following:

  • Connect the ones isolated from social media to the ones who are: I’ll post information that is not necessarily available on the web.
  • Get Amagerkanere (people who live in Amager) to show the newcomers around: I’ll ask for tips about where to find this and that.
  • Showcase local businesses or initiatives: I’ll provide information on them on the various platforms.
  • Take you on my journey towards simpler living: I’ll document the changes I make, share local tips.
  • Raise Amager’s profile digitally and in the real world: I’ll be active and consistent on social media and try to organise events.

I hope that with the above I’ll make ‘Amager Village’ a community open to anybody willing to join, regardless of gender, age, nationality and ‘green’ goals.


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