Life in Denmark

Discover Copenhagen the green way

If you are fed up with the traditional way to discover the city, Green Bike Tours might be exactly what you are looking for: they offer bicycle and walking tours for individuals and groups throughout the year with various themes: Sustainability, Social or Architecture & Design. Cycling through the city also makes you feel like a Dane and let you realise how brilliant the cycling infrastructure is and makes you wonder why it is not like that everywhere else…


I had the opportunity to do Tour 1: a 3 hour long bike tour which takes you through Copenhagen’s goals to become the sustainable capital of the future. Although I had been living in the area for a bit more than 2 years when I took the tour, I learnt a lot of interesting facts about the city and I can now show off in front of my friends with my newly acquired knowledge.

They also offer tours in Malmö. Check their website as I am sure more cities will be offered soon.